Vol.IX, 2020: Beyond Words

Letter to the Reader



What’s Really Harrowing About the Harrowing Essay
Miriam Mandel Levi

You’ve Got Mail: The Love-Hate Relationship We Have With Our Inbox
Reba Condiotti

English is the Language of Science
Shelly Tannenbaum

When It’s I Against Thou: Applying Martin Buber’s Philosophy in Modern Conflict Resolution
Dr. David Silvera, adapted by Shalva Ben-David

Empowering Ethiopian Jews and Fighting Discrimination 
Daniel Ashkenazy

Nina Newman

How Information About Threats is Communicated
Naftali Moser

How Music and Song Facilitate Language Learning
Anna Kuśnierek, adapted by Anna de Vincenz

Music and Clapping as Comfort During Social Crisis
Batya Greenman

Humor as a Tranquilizer During the Corona Pandemic
Jumana Hassouneh

Social Skills and Social Media: Connection and Distancing in the Time of Corona
Tzippora Price, adapted by Nomi Isenberg

See you at the movies: Revealing the Story in the Logline
Eva L. Weiss



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