Vol. VI, 2017

Educating Editors

This issue consists of comments, thoughts and creative endeavors prepared by the student editors, Class of 2016-2017, the Program in Editing and Editorial Analysis of the David Yellin College of Education, Jerusalem, Israel 

Feature Article

Editing English: Why English? Which English?

Susan Holzman

Theoretical Constructs

A New Editor: The Importance of Readership

Karen Abu-Adra

Keeping Up with the Lingo

Rachi Ofir

Collaborative Writing: Personal Perspectives of Two Academics

Ilana Kaufman and Lior Weissbrod

Trends in Reading Habits

Naomi Curzon

The Three Rs of Creative Writing: (W)riting, Rewriting –and Research?

Diana Carlyle

Truth is Stranger than Fiction Because Fiction has to be Possible and Truth Doesn’t: Writing My Memoir

Sheefra Yakir


Standing on the Ledge: The Power of Language in Social Media

Jessica Amir

Strategies and Toolboxes for Editing Military, Intelligence, Terrorism and Cyber-Related Articles

Ela Greenberg

The Business of Editing

How Hungry are You: When Do We Turn Down Work?

Judith Sudilovsky

Creative Contributions

Curated by Bob Lapidot 


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