The Contributors to Vol. VIII

The articles in The 21st Century Text Volume VIII have been contributed and edited by the students of the English Editing Course 2019 at the David Yellin Teachers’ Training College.

Yardenna Alexandre was born and brought up in London, England. She has a B.A. in Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology, London, and an M.A. in the Archaeology of the Levant from Tel Aviv University. Since 1991, Yardenna has worked as an archaeologist in the Israel Antiquities Authority, fulfilling administrative and archaeological posts, and is now a field and research archaeologist. She is participating in the English Editing Course in the David Yellin College, with the aim of gradually moving over from fieldwork to editing English articles for the Israel Antiquities Authority publications department.

Etti Calderon was raised in New York and moved to Israel in 2011. She received a B.A. in English Literature from the State University of New York, Albany in NY before moving to Jerusalem, where she completed her M.A. in the same field at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Etti is an editor with a passion for languages and literature.

Moriah Cohen was born in the Netherlands, and has lived in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. She made aliya with her husband and two children. After completing her B.Ed at Beit Berl College in Kefar Saba she began working as a private special education teacher. Moriah is looking forward to expanding her career and developing her English editing skills.

Maayan Flash was born and raised on a kibbutz in Israel. She has a B.A. in History and a M.A. in English Literature from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She has worked as a translator and is now training to be an editor. On her downtime she enjoys period dramas, detective mysteries, and any movie released by the Disney Corporation. The first item on her bucket list is to travel to Japan, which she is hoping to cross off (and then re-add) by the end of the year.

Cyril Hirsh was born in London and studied at the City of London School. After leaving school, he entered the family bespoke tailoring business which also owned three retail menswear shops. Cyril came to Israel with his wife and three children in 1972, believing that life on kibbutz would have more meaning than life in middle-class England. He was a member of the kibbutz for 15 years, growing turkeys and working in the kibbutz factory. He subsequently left the kibbutz and founded an import/export business.  After retiring, he volunteered as an English-speaking guide at the Israel Museum. Cyril’s fascination with editing developed after helping a Danish Holocaust survivor convert his autobiography into English.

Bonnie Weinberg immigrated to Israel in 1990 from New York City with a B.A. in mathematics. For the past 30 years, she has taught ESL at the elementary school level, and written and directed school musicals in English. In addition, she freelances as an English editor and copywriter.


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