Danya Hercberg

I was doing my makeup on Thursday morning, when I suddenly spotted a little shimmer in my hair–a white strand of hair! It took my breath away. Well, not really, but there is something inexplicably fascinating in finding these cheeky little buggers. They’re so unexpected. They just seem to appear from one minute to the next. And they’re so elusive.

Did you know that white hair isn’t really white? The way the hair reflects the light gives it a jewel-like quality. It shimmers exquisitely, hiding and revealing itself amongst the regular, boring brown hairs, providing glimpses of sparkle, glistening.

I know that I’m not supposed to think that they are beautiful. White hairs are the enemy, like wrinkles. But I find them mesmerising. There is something inexplicably fascinating and satisfying in finding a white hair. And after I spend a moment marvelling at it and admiring its beauty, there is something inexplicably satisfying in plucking it out.


©Danya Hercberg, 2018. All rights reserved.


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