Mission Statement

At a time when digital innovations have fundamentally altered the way text is prepared, published, distributed, and read, text professionals like all professionals, must consider and look for opportunities to expand their understanding and knowledge of their field. The dynamics of English language usage with its international variations and growing currency add further importance to a journal dedicated to exploring and diffusing innovation in these areas.

The 21st Century Text seeks to be such a resource: We endeavor to chart change and continuity in text preparation and English language as applied to both print formats and digital environments. Our intended readership spans the globe and includes researchers, writers, editors, translators, and publishing professionals—as well as teachers and students of English language. Each issue will feature articles that report, analyze, and promote discussion relating to themes that are timely and relevant.

The 21st Century Text is available online. It may be distributed and its content cited with prior permission from the editors. The journal is prepared and published by the Text and Publishing Studies program, David Yellin College of Education, Jerusalem, Israel (www.dyellin.ac.il/newpublishing). Communications should be directed to newpublishing@dyellin.ac.il.

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