Literature in The 21st Century Text (2013)

Even in our era of dizzying technological change, there are aspects of our lives that remain as constant as the daily sunrise; one of these is our penchant for a good read. Whether in print or digital format, prose or poetry, a well-written, entertaining and/or mind-expanding piece satisfies a need we have to either escape or embrace our environment. Moreover, reading literature fulfills a primal urge to share our fellow humans’ thoughts, feelings and challenges, to gain a perspective that extends beyond our own limited sphere.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the famous British Romantic poet, defined prose and poetry this way: “Prose – words in their best order; poetry – the best words in their best order.”

As text professionals, words and their order are our business. Since quality literature is widely regarded as the highest attainment of language, The 21st Century Journal is pleased original poetry and prose for your reading pleasure

Batya Shai


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