The 21st Century Text, Volume Two, Summer 2012

Welcome to  Volume Two of The 21st Century Text, the online journal of the Text and Publishing Studies Program at David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem. Dedicated to presenting insightful and timely articles of interest to writers, editors and translators, and students of global English, the journal invites comments, suggestions and contributions from its international readers.

This issue features a special focus section on Corpus, a new reference tool that enables writers, editors, translators and other text preparation professionals to determine how a word or phrase is employed in contemporary language. Articles by such scholars  as Prof. Michael McCarthy and Prof. Mark Davies are contextualized by The 21st Century Text faculty co-editor, Dr. Susan Holzman. This series of articles present a window on the power and utility of the powerful corpus tool.

An article written by contributor William Dunkerley,  editor of Editors Only  describes the vagaries of style and usage in the digital age. Articles on copyright issues and digital documents, the applicability of concepts such as context, subtext and intertextuality, innovations such as apps and flash fiction are among the other informative features appearing in this issue of the  The 21st Century Text. 

Two short stories and a poem also appear in this issue of The 21st Century Text serving to round out an insightful issue.

We look forward to your comments.

Best wishes,

Dr. Yosef Gotlieb and Dr. Susan Holzman

Faculty Editors, The 21st Century Text

David Yellin College of Education

Jerusalem, Israel

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