Editorial Staff

The 21st Century Text is a project of the Text and Publishing Studies Program of the David Yellin College of Education, Jerusalem, Israel.

The articles appearing in this inaugural issue, Volume I, Number One, were solicited, selected and edited by a combination of faculty and student editors of the Editing and Editorial Scholarship Program, 2010-2011.

The Faculty Editors of this issue were:

  • Yosef Gotlieb, PhD
  • Susan Holzman, PhD
  • Robin Miller, MA
  • Jen Sundick, PhD

The Student Editors of this issue were:

  • Robin Braverman, MA
  • Lauren Adilev Cohen
  • S. P. Dominitz, MA
  • Rinat Dweck-Siksak
  • Ellen Greenfield
  • Ita Shapiro Haber
  • Nikki Littman
  • Robin Menczel
  • Deborah R. Schwartz
  • Ita Haber Shapiro
  • Lisa K. Skinner, MLS
  • Shlomo Skinner
  • Miriam Klein Sofer

Instruction on the WordPress publishing application was provided by Aharon Garr of the David Yellin College of Education faculty.

Shlomo Skinner, a student editor, uploaded the inaugural issue of the journal and provided other digital support.

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