Editor’s Note on Usage

As noted in our Mission Statement, the readers – and contributors – of The 21st Century Text span the globe. In a world as networked as ours is today, text communications are increasingly international in readership and message. This is especially true when the language employed is English, which is a prime mover in the spheres of business, science, academics and government across borders and continents.

Contemporary English is not a uniform, prescribed language but a dynamic one that has sprouted multiple and evolving variations. While the editors of The 21st Century Text edit pieces accepted for publication in terms of staple editorial principles such as consistency, coherence, clarity and concision, we endeavor to preserve in our pages the integrity of English usage presented by the contributing author in the original manuscript. For this reason, the reader will encounter articles in Commonwealth varieties of English appearing side by side with those employing North American variants in the journal. We believe such variety enriches us all.

Wishing you an enjoyable read,


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