Contributors, Vol. VI

Contributors to the 2016-17 Edition


Karen Abu Adra, originally from Pennsylvania, has a BA in political science from Elizabethtown College. She has taught English in a Bedouin high school and now works for Hagar Association in Beer Sheva in resource development. She loves languages, travel, reading, writing, theater and film. She is married and has three sons and a Boxer dog.

Jessica Amir has worked as an English teacher for the past nine years. She was born in England and moved to Israel with her family at the age of 14. After the army, she returned to London and studied Archaeology at the University College of London, where she received a BSc Degree. Then she obtained a degree in Alternative Medicine and a Teaching Degree; the fact that she has three teenagers, two children under the age of two and a puppy provides her with a Wonder Woman Degree too.

Diana Carlyle was born in Winnipeg, Canada. Since completing an MA in International Affairs, she has lived and worked on three continents. Most recently, she lived in Jerusalem for the better part of a decade, where she worked for development NGOs and the United Nations before becoming a full-time mother. Currently residing in Brooklyn with her husband and three children, she wishes to pursue a career in writing and editing.

Naomi Curzon was born and raised in London. She received a B.Sc.(Hons) Agric. from Edinburgh University. After making Aliya with her husband and family, she retrained as an English teacher, and for many years headed the English teaching department in a girls’ high school.

She is hoping to establish a new career in editing.

Yosef Gotlieb PhD, a geographer, editor, educator and writer, is the author of Rise, A Novel of Contemporary IsraelSelf-Determination in the Middle East, and Development, Environment and Global Dysfunction.

He is the founder and director of the David Yellin Academic College of Education’s Text and Publishing Studies in Jerusalem and co-editor of its journal, The 21st Century Text.

Ela Greenberg was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She received a BA at University of Michigan and an MA at University of Chicago. She moved to Jerusalem in 1995 where she completed a PhD in Middle Eastern History at Hebrew University in 2005. Ela realized that she enjoyed editing while doing her doctoral studies. She currently works in fundraising for a human rights organization and editing for a policy institute.

Ilana Kaufman PhD grew up in Israel. She holds a B.A. degree in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. During her six-year stay in the U.S., she completed her Ph.D. in Political Science at U.C.L.A. During her academic career, she developed an expertise in academic writing, as a researcher and as a teacher including at the Graduate level at the Department of Political Science at The Open University of Israel, from which she recently retired. She discovered her inclination for editing when she corrected papers, and authored textbooks at the Open University, conference papers, articles in peer-reviewed social science journals, and wrote the book, Arab National Communism in the Jewish State.

Susan Holzman is an applied linguist, whose work focuses on EAP reading, academic writing, language assessment and the use of dictionaries and corpora in language learning. She currently teaches at David Yellin Academic College, Jerusalem and Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan. Susan is a former president of ETAI (English Teachers’ Association of Israel) and presently serves as the regional representative for Israel on the Asia TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Executive Council.

Bob Lapidot (a.k.a. Robert Lapidus) was born and raised in the Boston area. He holds a BA degree in Psychology and an MEd in Educational Supervision and Administration from Boston University and a BJEd in Jewish Education from the Hebrew College of Boston. He and his wife, Malki, immigrated to Israel in 1975 and their three children and eight grandchildren were all born in Israel. For the past twenty-five years he has been responsible for the international relations at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. In his retirement he hopes to use the editing skills honed in the editing program.

Rachi Ofir grew up in Melbourne, Australia and has lived in Israel for over 30 years. She holds a degree in Political Science and Jewish History from the Hebrew University. Rachi has over 15 years of experience in technical communication and specializes in writing microcopy and online help. She lives in Hod Hasharon with her husband, three children, and as many books as her bookshelves will hold.

Judith Sudilovsky was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Israel 25 years ago. She has worked as a journalist in Israel and the Palestinian Territories since then. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband, two sons, four rescue dogs, one rescue cat, and two hens. She has recently completed the English Editing and Editorial Analysis course at David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem.

Lior Weissbrod is a native of Israel and researcher in archaeology at the University of Haifa. He holds a PhD in archaeological anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis, USA and has extensive experience of publishing in peer-reviewed scientific journals and writing and editing successful applications for competitive grant programs (e.g., European Research Council and Israeli Science Foundation). His research focuses on archaeo-zoological remains of microfauna and issues in the paleo-ecology of human evolution. He has previously worked in the Near East, Caucasus Region and East Africa conducting archaeological fieldwork, laboratory analysis and ethno-archaeological research.

Sheefra Yakir, a native of Columbus, Ohio, and a former student of Ohio State University, received her B.Ed. degree from David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem. Majoring in English as a Second Language, she has taught English in the Israel school system from elementary school through high school. Besides preparing students for their matriculation examinations, she has also worked as a teacher’s counselor. She has written a book, Sunrise Over Abidjan, about her experience of adopting a young child in Africa. In preparation for retirement, she recently completed the English Editing and Editorial Analysis course at her alma mater.

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