Bytes of Life

Wendy Kansky


I am a digital immigrant

struggling with my illiteracy

born in the previous century

rising to the challenge of immediacy,

information overload,

short, sharp, snappy

now, be happy,

              fit in

adapt my soul to the digital age –

      the 21st century

(Inspired by YG)


Note on my Fridge

buy dog food

phone the doctor

plan trip to Vietnam


old clothes to shelter

call Mom

buy new frying pan


milk, eggs, butter

car insurance

tidy up kitchen clutter


buy some chocolate

cleanse my spirit

hug my kid


live my life


Unquiet Land

This unquiet land mirrors my soul


I find a moment of peace

the beach at dusk

gray-blue sea, gentle waves melting into the sand

sunset mirrors the gray water

the sky quiet and discreet

not flaming with bright orange and pink

of the past few days


It suits me this quiet

for lately I have been restless

like the land I live in


always something happening

almost every minute of the day

a new scandal, another bomb, another death

more violence, political rage, social rage

justice, injustice, corruption

a revelation, a cover-up

religion, anti-religion

always something in this

Unquiet Land


Yet it is my land, it is my soul

always unquiet, yet yearning for harmony

Our paths linked,

on the same journey
© Wendy Kansky, 2018. All rights reserved.

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