Finding Fault: Causes for Divorce in Britain

Neal Whitman

Under British law, divorce is granted only …

under one of five categories.

About half the cases fall under the category called …

“unreasonable behavior.”

The New York Times reported on this, April 8, 2012  …

with these examples.

Insists she dress in costume …

and speak in Klingon.

Repeatedly serves his least favorite dish …

tuna casserole.

Tampers with his TV antenna …


Flirts with and touches tradesmen …


Requires their pet to sleep next to the bed …

Timmy the Tarantula.

Uses her hair dryer …

to defrost frozen peas.

Obsessively combs …

the fringes of the rug.

Six of these are real …

and one made up.

You be the judge.


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